Can a felon go to Canada?

A DUI in the United States can easily bar you from entry into Canada. A misdemeanor in the United States may be considered a more serious offense in Canada.

Fill out the application for people who are inadmissible to Canada because of past criminal activity and who wish to overcome the inadmissibility in order to obtain temporary or permanent admission to Canada. In order to file for Rehabilitation certification, Canada can impose an application fee from $200 to over $1,000. The amount you will pay is tied into the seriousness of your conviction.

Rehabilitation For Persons Who Are Inadmissible to Canada Because of Past Criminal Activity

You are eligible to apply for rehabilitation if you have:
•committed an act outside of Canada and five years have elapsed since the act;
•been convicted outside of Canada and five years have passed since the end of the sentence imposed. As there are different types of sentences, use the following table to calculate the five-year waiting period.

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