Companies that hire felons and ex-convicts

Getting a job after prison can be tough. Fortunately, a number of companies hire felons and ex-convicts to give them another chance to continue their rehabilitation, remain gainfully employed, and contribute back to society. Here's a list of companies that hire felons:


  1. I came across this list of companies who hire felons, but it would be interesting to know the actual experiences of people with these companies and how open they are to hiring felons.

    1. I've seen several of these lists on several different sites. I've learned by my own experiences not to automatically assume just because they're on such lists, they're actually friendly. Another thing I want to point out, that "ban the box", on job applications has just gotten me one extra step into possible hiring processed before being denied due to background check results. Yes!!! You don't have to answer that dreaded question on the application with some places now about being convicted of a felony and get rejected at that point. Nope! You can now make it as far as interview since you don't answer that question on some applications now. But they still do the background check. And results determine if they're going to hire you or not. So I'm now trying to understand how that ban the box is helping the issue. Seems like all that does is get you one more step in before being rejected. I'd rather answer that question on the application and just not hear back from them than to prepare for interview and learn my qualifications for the job are trumped by background check results anyway. Again how is that helping?

  2. I was advised to be honest from the get-go. Don't act like you're hiding something.